Sappade town

The marvellous town of Sappade can be easily reached from Falcade through Valt and from Caviola through Via Marmolada (the last is preferable by car).
From the town you can have a view on the marvellous Civetta mountain and this is a fantastic panoramic point for photographers in winter and in summer as well.
In Sappade you will see splendid examples of Tabià, the ancient barns renovated and converted in holiday homes, some of them are still originals.
The little church of Sappade with its sharp roof, arises on the town skyline.
Paths easy reachable from Sappade:
  • From Sappade “Meneghina” town you can reach fascinating paths, like that one leading to Barezze falls (1415 m), an easy walk of 1h.
  • Going on, leaving Barezze on your side, you can take the path for Bosch Brusà Malga, a medium difficulty walk or the path to Malga ai Lach (for experts – takes 2 hours).
  • From Sappade you can reach Jore, medium difficulty path, takes 1 hour.
Map of the place
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Sappade in winter