A blogger in the Dolomites

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Read the article of Agatha from Null&Full "Skiing in the Dolomites who visited us this winter "It’s not the first time I had a chance to skiing in the Dolomites but the two weeks I spent in Colmean were truly spectacular... " read the full Article CLICK HERE  continue

Se desmonteghea - summer closure!

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Se desmonteghea in Semptember has officialy closed sommer holidays. People with typical dresses, horses, dogs and cows were involved in the big parade, with thousands of visitors coming from all the world for the last holidays. See the best pictures by Adriano here below.continue

Visiting Museum Murer in Falcade (BL) – Dolmites

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Works and life of an artist at Murer Museum in Falcade We have visited a very special place, Murer Museum in Falcade Dolomiti, the authentic atelier of the sculptor today hosting his works. The building arises with its towers in the green of the wood, so perfectly integrated in the…continue

A new book in our library...

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Last 19 April we have been very glad to meet a great mountain climber and writer: Mauro Corona, in Piombino Dese (PD) , a person that we had known only through his stories of the woods and of the mountain life, an authentic highlander but also a great climber. During…continue

Kids Active in Falcade

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We are very pleased to partner Kids Active at Falcade this summer, 21-27 August in Falcade a mountain experience dedicated to children 6 up to 12! Discounts are reserved for stays in Colmean together with KidsActive. The program includes visit to farms, museums, baby trekking and more..feel free to ask…continue

New books for baby trekkers

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New books in our lodges for baby trekkers, with the spring we have bought new books: Stories of the Wood, Farm animals, but it will be even more interesting to live these stories directly at Colmean, in our holiday apartments, a place where it is usual to find wide animals…continue

Montagna di viaggi Blog at Colmean

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Andrea Pizzato from Montagna di viaggi Blog has choosen Colmean for a journey in the Dolomites. We have been very glad to welcoming him and to show him the entire chalet and the ancient Tabià Architecture. We have also visited the surrounding little villages of the Dolomite with original Tabias…continue

Choosen by Blog A mountain of travels

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The Blogger Andrea Pizzato from A Mountain of travels blog has choosen us for his journey in the Dolomites, we have been very happy to welcoming him. We took the chance to show him what is a Tabià and the story of ours, the project to extend the hospitality to…continue

Falcade TV special on Lineabianca

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If you have missed the special on Falcade on Lineabianca, you watch it here Falcade, Col Margherita peak, Civetta Mountain and Alleghe are only some of the places you can see.  continue