A new book in our library...

Last 19 April we have been very glad to meet a great mountain climber and writer: Mauro Corona, in Piombino Dese (PD) , a person that we had known only through his stories of the woods and of the mountain life, an authentic highlander but also a great climber. During his life he has opened more than 300 climbing ways in the Dolomites.
Arrived in Piombino Dese (PD) to open the new AIDO headquarters, we couldn’t miss his tales narrated live, so good expressed in the pages of his books. More than 200 people came to see him, and it was very difficult to enter the room because of safety rules. Corona has spoken about some relevant topics, also rising the public cheerfulness with some anecdotes from the mountain life. At the end of the event, it was time for autographs, and we also have now a dedication to Colmean Friends.
The book will be placed in our library, where you will also able to find manuals, and maps to discover Dolomites and to live them in freedom, with respect and simplicity as Mauro teaches.
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