Visiting Museum Murer in Falcade (BL) – Dolmites

Works and life of an artist at Murer Museum in Falcade
We have visited a very special place, Murer Museum in Falcade Dolomiti, the authentic atelier of the sculptor today hosting his works. The building arises with its towers in the green of the wood, so perfectly integrated in the panorama, that it is even difficult to find it. The architect Davanzo didn’t want any tree to be cut for the building construction in 1972, drawing its plan between trees and rocks.
Ornella Murer, daughter of the sculptor and Director of the museum, has led us in the Museum, narrating us the history and the life of the father in the atelier. Through a big arch on one side of the building, the trunks from the valley were transported inside the atelier. Then the artist, from a well lighted loft where he used to draw, he evaluated and studied trunks forms and proportions according to the work he was creating. In the garden and inside the atelier: drawings, works in wood and bronze and ceramics. In this atelier-laboratory where time seems to have stopped, there are also the original instruments used for sculpting. Murer was born in 1922 and studied at the School of Arts of Ortisei. He begun its sculptor activity in 1945. Among his works: Monument to the Partisans for Venice (1964) and a wide production of works for monuments (Mestre, Mirandola, and Concordia - 1985). Its works reveal its social engagement and are its expression. We mention the 4 bronze panels for the Ventennal of Resistenza e Liberazione (1965); the Monument to Victory of Vittorio Veneto (1968), the Monument to the fallen at Piana del Cansiglio (1970), the Monumental Stele to the Partisan at Mount Grappa and the Monument to Resistance in the Biois Valley (1974). Murer dead in 1985 in Padua, its atelier-laboratory became me the actual Murer Museum, a place of art and history in the Dolomites peaks, worth to be visited from all those visiting Falcade-Dolomiti.
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