Visit to the city of Pope Luciani

Welcome in the city of Pope Giovanni Paolo 1° (Pope Luciani), Canale D’Agordo!
In the ancient times called Forno di Canale, in Canale D’Agordo were born the poets Valerio Da Pos and Giuseppe Zais.
Located at the entrance of Garès Valley, in the Biois Valley, the city worths a visit for its typical piazza, to which face the Church and the shops.
The village is rich in fountains, in fact it is located in the Biois Valley, where Liera flows into Biois.
Canale D’Agordo is surrounded by important Dolomite peaks, such as Civetta, Pelmo, Cima Pape, San Matino Pale, Cimon della Pala, Cime D’Auta and Marmolada.
Canale D’Agordo worths a visit for its Tabià, ancient barns, among the ancient of the valley.
To be mentioned also Casa delle Regole, and the typical Piazza,
Of course you cannot miss the natal home of Papa Luciani.
Dinner suggestions:
- Alle Codole Restaurant
- Garni Costa Pizzeria
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