Walk to the Alpine Hut Bosch Brusa'

Difficulty: medium
First of all, reach by car the small village of Sappade (4,7 km from Colmean). From here you can enjoy the wonderful scenery on Civetta Mountain. You can park and go on foot to “Meneghina” locality.
Take the path to the small fall of “Barezze”, pass over the bridge and keep right taking path 631 to Malga Bosch Brusà (which means alpine hut burnt hood).
Go on between woods and flat areas, till you reach a steep path which will take to to a panoramic point. From here you will enjoy Focobon peaks and Civetta Mountain.
You will finally arrive to the Alpine hut, if you are lucky you can see the grazing cows.
Meet the proprietors and enjoy Verduzzo wine with them, or buy the amazing Ricotta smoked cheese, produced like in the past on-site
Sappade VillageBuffalos at the departure from MeneghinaView of Civetta mountain in the pathView on Focobon during the path