A walk with surprise – Barezze little falls m 1415 slm

You need to reach the Valt village by car - Valt - Vaut (1315m slm) at 5 minutes from Colmean – park in the main park near the curch recently restored. As you will see the village is very small with 26 inhabitants, among them the family Valt – admire the various Tabià – ancient barns renewed respecting the original architecture. In summer the terraces and balconies are adorned with geranium flowers and wonderful colorfull flowers in the tradition of the area.
The village lies at the Cime D’Auta Dolomites feet. From the parking, if you move backwards for a hundred meters, you would be able to take a wonderful picture of the panorama with the village and the Cime D’Auta.
The path leading to the little falls is over the village. You should pass over, following the street, cross the wooden bridge on the Gavon creek (also a beautiful picture. The the rise starts and after the first turn, leave the street and continue on your left, on the path, leading to the wood.
Follow the path which have recently been renewed, crossing wonderful little falls which create a fascinating atmosphere. At the end of the path you will find a road, turn left and cross the bridge. After the brodge take the path at your left, leading through some steps under the main fall (1415 m)
The return can be done following the road to the valley and reaching Sappade village where you will meet the Civetta peak (m 3220). A picture here is a must! From Sappade you can easily reach Valt following the main road.