Discovering ancient Tabià

From Colmean and the nearby paths you can reach a series of easy walks. You will have the opportunity to visit some small villages like Sappade, Feder and Valt.
In these places you will discover the ancient Tabià which are the ancient barns of the Agordo Valley.
Some Tabià are still used as barns or stables at the ground floor. Many of them, thanks to conservatives actions, have been converted in holiday homes.
Also Colmean Charming Lodges were an ancient Tabià, see the project here.
The external of the Tabià are often decorated with wooden decorations, carvings or wooden utensils used in the past.
Tipically, terraces are enriched with red geraniums, standing out of the brown wood.
Usually near to the Tabià there are folds with goats and chickens that are usually fun for children.
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