Where you can taste the tradition

written by: Valentina
Well-Being includes also the gastronomic experience, which brings ahead a centenary tradition.
Basic dishes, based on local production as ricotta cheese, butter and stale bread, in the past were the basic ingredients for peasant but nutritious dishes.
You can try the product and recipes of the Dolomites in the following restaurants of prepare them yourselves trying the Dolomites Recipes session here.

Some suggestions on Restaurants near to Colmean:

in 0 minutes:
Location: COLMEAN
Typical local dishes, traditional food in a familiar ambience.

In 10 minutes:
ALLE CODOLE Restaurant
The cuisine maintains a strong connection with the Dolomites tradition: Ricotta cheese Ravioli, roe deer and deer meat, are some of the specialities you can taste here.
It’s worth visiting Canale D’Agordo, place of birth of Pope Luciani.

In 30 minutes:
FLORA ALPINA Mountain Restaurant
Val Fredda – San Pellegrino
Positioned on Val Fredda, at San Pellegrino, the Restaurant i salso a good starting point for daily excursions and in winter for dinner.
Tel 0039 0437 599150
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