Serrai valley

The natural reserve of Serrai, located in Rocca Pietore (BL), is easily reachable by car from Colmean (30 min) and is worth visiting.
Sportsmens come from all over the world to practice ice-climbing on the famous ice-falls of Serrai, an easy walk for visitors, a valley eroded by glacier during millenniums, offering compelling views.
At the entrance you can see the famous big war galleries (1915-1918) made by soldiers and used as deposits. After the war they were used as rudimentary chapels to remember the military cimitery of Malga Ciapela.
During dusk the ice comes blue, and you can visit the falls during the walk taking about 30 min.
Serrai also have an high scientific value.
Rocks, ambience, humidity and low lightening provide a lot of biotopos, studied by scientists from all over the world from 1911. 56 new species of spineless were found in the area till today.
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