Walk with snowshoes in the Dolomites San Pellegrino

If you are looking for fascinating walks with snowshoes in the Dolomites, we suggest you to take an easy excursion at San Pellegrino path, where you can reach wonderful panoramic points and also some alpine huts.

First of all you should reach San Pellegrino pass (1918 m) by car (15 minutes from Colmean).
Following indications to Hotel Miralago you will find a second parking where you can leave the car.
Take the path leading to: Fuciade Alpine Hut.
The path crosses woods and lawns, and leads to a panoramic point on many wonderful mountains: Sass di Tasca, Sasso di Valfreda, Punta Zigolè and Punta Uomo.

Take a rest at the Alpine Hut which is open in winter and in summer and can be reached also with a sleigh (motorized or drawn by horses), we suggest you to book as it is always crowded  +39 0462 574281.
Itinerary lenght: 7 km  -  1,5 hours
Snowshoes walk in the DolomitesSnowshoeing walk in the Dolomites